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Now that’s a good boy — Thanks Kobe for showing off your portrait

Skippy admiring his new art from Handmade Arcade 2017

Perfectly placed! Thanks for sharing the great white!!

Another of our favorite woodcuts off to a great family. Thanks for everyone coming out to visit us at The Mt. Lebanon Artist’s Market.

Allegheny Artisans Market  One day curatored sale featuring local makers and creators – 799 Pinkerton Run Road, Oakdale PA 15071  For more information facebook.com/alleghenyartisansmarket/   


Fly up to Saxonburg’s  32nd Annual Festival of the Arts  –  September 9th and 10th  New prints and posters to sing about!

Our neighbor Aileen’s blind mouse cat bowl found a new friend!

Thank you Klugworld! We love Larry’s portrait, his eyes follow us and have so much to say!! (just like Larry)  Lisa & Thomas

Our cat bowl found a new purpose, holding honey on a cheese plate at a dinner party we had last week, everyone loved it. Thanks Klugworld!

Vinnie is such a good dog and helpful, visiting many people in need.

Save the date!! Klugworld will be at the 3rd Annual Mt Lebanon Artists’ Market- September 24 & 25th.


Tim & Rylee showing off Rylee’s portrait!

Running Greyhound, was created and donated to the annual Outreach Teen & Family Serviced fundraiser. Over $48,000 was raised to be used for the agency that helps troubled teens and families. Proud to be part of it and special thanks to supporters Wayno & Kim Honath and Gary & Annette Luchini.

“I can’t believe the amount of Pinot Noir I drank last night!”  Steve the cat

“I counted them! All my spots are there!”
Vinnie the barber shop dog

Klugworld’s own Henry, showing off his poster