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Perfectly placed! Thanks for sharing the great white!!

Another of our favorite woodcuts off to a great family! Thanks for everyone coming out to visit us at The Mt. Lebanon Artist’s Market.

Allegheny Artisans Market  One day curatored sale featuring local makers and creators – 799 Pinkerton Run Road, Oakdale PA 15071  For more information facebook.com/alleghenyartisansmarket/   


Fly up to Saxonburg’s  32nd Annual Festival of the Arts  –  September 9th and 10th  New prints and posters to sing about!

Our neighbor Aileen’s blind mouse cat bowl found a new friend!

Thank you Klugworld! We love Larry’s portrait, his eyes follow us and have so much to say!! (just like Larry)  Lisa & Thomas

Our cat bowl found a new purpose, holding honey on a cheese plate at a dinner party we had last week, everyone loved it. Thanks Klugworld!

Vinnie is such a good dog and helpful, visiting many people in need!

Save the date!! Klugworld will be at the 3rd Annual Mt Lebanon Artists’ Market- September 24 & 25th.


Tim & Rylee showing off Rylee’s portrait!

Running Greyhound, was created and donated to the annual Outreach Teen & Family Serviced fundraiser. Over $48,000 was raised to be used for the agency that helps troubled teens and families. Proud to be part of it and special thanks to supporters Wayno & Kim Honath and Gary & Annette Luchini.

“I can’t believe the amount of Pinot Noir I drank last night!”  Steve the cat

“I counted them! All my spots are there!”
Vinnie the barber shop dog

Klugworld’s own Henry, showing off his poster!