About us

Since 2007 Klugworld has been supplying veterinarians and animal care professionals with cards helping their clients heal, connect, and welcoming them to the practice.

We believe relationship marketing is one of the best ways to show your clients you have a genuine interest and understanding of their pet and how important he is to the family. In fact our pet sympathy line of cards have won several national awards for doing just that. All cards are printed on high-quality recycled cover stock and are suitable for framing.

Klugworld is a family owned business led by Dave and Patricia Klug, both veterans in the design world. Dave is a nationally recognized illustrator and designer, Patricia is an established advertising and marketing expert. Together they share a passion for animals and the special bond of animal and human companionship.

For more information on Klugworld, its products and services, contact us at anytime. We answer all emails, send samples, and love what we do.